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Cayman islands

Cayman islands – the overseas territory of Great Britain in the Caribbean Sea, 240 km south of Cuba, 730 km south of Miami (USA) and 267 km north-west of Jamaica. The territory includes the islands of Grand Cayman, Little Cayman and Cayman Brac. Area – 264 sq. km. The capital is Georgetown, located on the west coast of Grand Cayman Island.

The largest island in the Cayman Islands is Grand Cayman, which covers an area of ​​197 square meters. km, and the length is 35 km with a width of 6.5 km. The highest point of the island is 16 m. A significant part of the island is occupied by the North Sound Lagoon (56 sq. Km).

Little Cayman Island lies 8 km west of Cayman Brac Island. Little Cayman’s area is 16 km². The surface of the island is low-lying, only in the northern part does the coast reach a height of 12 m.

Cayman Brac Island lies 142 kilometers northeast of Grand Cayman. Length – 19 km with an average width of 2 km, area – about 24 km². The highest point of the island is 46 m.

There are no rivers on the islands. The coast is surrounded by reefs and, in some places, mangroves, which sometimes extend to the swampy interior of the islands. Vegetation and wildlife are poor, but the surrounding waters are rich in fish, turtles, crustaceans and molluscs.

Climate in the Cayman Islands

Climate in the Cayman Islands – tropical, trade wind.

Average monthly temperatures range from + 15 ° С in winter and up to + 30 ° С in summer. From May to October the temperature practically does not change and is about + 28 ° С … + 30 ° С, from November to April it is dry and relatively cool, the average daily temperature is + 17 ° С … + 24 ° С.

The rainy season is from May to October (showers are usually heavy but short-lived). From November to April, the weather is relatively dry and clear, rains are rare and mostly in the evening or at night. From June to November, hurricanes and storms can pass through the Cayman Islands.

The best time to visit the Cayman Islands is from mid-December to mid-April (peak tourist season).


Population of the Cayman Islands – about 64,174 people (2018).

Average life expectancy is 78 years for men, 83 years for women.

Ethno-racial composition: mulattos 41%, whites 20%, blacks 20%, immigrants (mainly Cubans) and other 20%.

The majority of believers (about 90%) are Christians (Catholics, Baptists, Seventh-day Adventists, Anglicans, Pentecostals, and others).

The official language is English. Spanish is also common.

About money

Cayman Islands Dollar (KYD or CI $) – the monetary unit of the Cayman Islands. 1 KYD = 100 cents. Coins of 1, 5, 10 and 25 cents and banknotes of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 dollars.

US dollars are freely circulating on the territory of the islands and are accepted for payment or exchanged in most banks and commercial establishments.

You can exchange currency at banks, hotels and exchange offices located at the airport and in numerous banks in the capital.

Most hotels, shops and travel agencies accept credit cards from the world’s leading payment systems. ATM machines are ubiquitous. However, in some small restaurants, hotels and cafes, especially in Little Cayman and Cayman Brac, it is extremely difficult to use credit cards.

Travel checks can be cashed at most major stores, hotels, banks and travel agencies. To avoid additional costs associated with exchange rate fluctuations, it is recommended that you bring your checks in USD.

Communication and communications

Calling code: 1 – 345

Internet domain: .ky

Emergency (ambulance, police, fire): 911

How to call

To call from Russia to the Cayman Islands, you need to dial: 8 – dial tone – 10 – 1 – 345 – subscriber’s number.

To call from the Cayman Islands to Russia, you need to dial: 011 – 7 – area code – subscriber number.


The Cayman Islands are full of Duty free shops selling literally everything from beautiful emeralds to Cuban cigars and modern electronics.

There are many tourist shops where you can buy T-shirts, hats, postcards and more.

How to get to the Caymans

There are no direct flights between Russia and the Cayman Islands.

The most convenient flight option from Moscow: with one change via London with British Airways: Moscow – London (Heathrow) – Grand Cayman. In this case, a transit visa is not needed, since a flight from Moscow arrives at Heathrow, and a flight to the Cayman Islands also departs from here. The duration of the flight is from 20 hours (depending on the connection). The average cost of the flight is about 1000 – 1200 euros (in both directions).

Also, the Cayman Islands can be reached through the USA (Miami, New York).

Airlines fly from the USA to the Cayman Islands: DELTA (Atlanta) Cayman airways (Miami, New York, Washington), American airlines (Miami).

If you are flying through the United States, you must obtain an American visa. Even for transit passengers who do not leave the airport.


The Cayman Islands are considered a safe destination for tourists. The crime rate is low, and violent crimes are extremely rare.

Compliance with generally accepted standards of personal safety is quite enough here – you should not leave valuable things and documents unattended, it is not recommended to change money on the street or to demonstrate your well-being in public places.

Women traveling alone should be especially careful at night, as sexual assaults sometimes do occur.

Hurricanes are possible from June to November.

Useful information

  • Life in the Cayman Islands is rather conservative: public displays of passion (both homosexual and heterosexual) are generally discouraged.

  • Camping is prohibited in the Cayman Islands! Any tourist caught unauthorized setting up a camp will be subject to administrative penalties up to and including detention. Local authorities explain this rule by the fact that the islands offer a wide variety of all kinds of accommodation for any budget, while the local nature is very vulnerable.

  • The islands’ strict maritime laws prohibit spearfishing and the ascent to the surface of any form of marine life, including empty shells and dead coral branches. If necessary, such souvenirs can be purchased at quite reasonable prices in specialized stores (on departure for such products, you will need to present an invoice from the trade institution).

  • All tap water in the country is obtained by distilling sea water and is safe to drink. It is recommended to use bottled water.